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Invest buy or build house in Kyiv: How to profit from current pricing situation in Ukraine

Here you find information how to use the current  situation in Ukraine to make smart investment decisions to properly and successfully invest buy or build house in Kyiv by leveraging your knowledge of how to profit from current pricing situation in housing and construction market in Ukraine.

;  Konstantin Potapov

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Real estate and house construction prices are record low in Ukraine

Real Estate prices in Ukraine have plummeted over the past three years. Today is the best time ever to invest in real estate property in Ukraine for a fraction of the price. You can do it in two ways – either buying a brand-new modern house or custom building it according to your exact specifications and requirements.

How to live rent free in Kyiv in just as short as three month from now and start earning profit in two-three years

If you moved to Ukraine by personal reasons or came here on a long-term work assignment, building your own house will be your best investment decision. The cost to construct a modern and comfortable house built according to the Western standards will be comparable to approximately two-three years of rent payment for a not-so-big decent apartment in Kyiv. However, if you decide to build your house, in two-three months from now you will be able to stay there rent-free and in two-three years your today’s investment will be fully repaid in savings for not paying rent for these years. If you ever decide to leave Ukraine, you will be able to easily sell the house at a huge premium or keep it as a great investment vehicle and rent it to further leverage your investment income.

;  Konstantin Potapov

E-mail: i@bzr8.com

How we can help you invest buy or build house in Kyiv

To help you make a good informed decision, we have prepared a series of articles dedicated to the topic of investing in real estate in Ukraine, buying or building a house in Kyiv and Kyiv region in the close proximity to the city. Here are some highlights:

;  Konstantin Potapov

E-mail: i@bzr8.com

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