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Build House with ArkoHome Canada-Ukraine: How we work with international clients

Overview of major steps to build your house: ArkoHome Canada-Ukraine, a company  approach to the construction of residential houses in Ukraine for the international clients – this is how to Build House with ArkoHome and how ArkoHome Canada-Ukraine works with international clients

Stage 1 – Choose your ArkoHome project, determine scope and price range

Selection of the project, the definition of construction terms of reference and scope of work, analysis and review of the construction contract draft, discussion of the price range and payment procedures.

First contacts can be initiated by E-mail: expert@arkohome.com or by phone.  Contact person – Konstantin Potapov (38) (0503326301)

We speak Ukrainian, English, French, Polish, and Russian. By special request, we can arrange communication in other languages of your choice.

Stage 2 – Site meeting, preparing exact specifications, finalizing details and price of the residential construction project

Site Meeting, locating the future facility, and utilities on the land, to discuss details of the project to finalize all details and exact price of you approved home construction project.

Stage 3 – Review and sign the residential house construction contract

Signing of the construction contract specifying agreed price, detailed scope of work, terms of their implementation and all required annexes to the contract.

All important project documentation and the contract are reviewed and verified by the legal firm specializing in residential construction area. We are working with several independent legal offices in Kyiv that support clients seeking professional advice how to secure their investment and ensure transparent and accountable process. Among others we can recommend legal firm STOLYCHNY ADVOKAT.

Stage 4 – Project implementation – Build House with ArkoHome!

Direct implementation  of all the construction contract requirements:
• Prepayment and access to the land
• Execution of construction and finishing works. If necessary, the customer can be regularly provided with a detailed written and photo report
• Final payment for the work
• Review and acceptance of work performed.

All your wishes and considerations are always welcome at every stage of our work and we promise to do our best to meet your requests to achieve full mutual satisfaction of the parties.


Yours faithfully,
Konstantin Potapov,
Director of ArkoHome Canada-Ukraine

Cell: 38.050.332.6301



Build House with ArkoHome Canada-Ukraine: How we work with international clients

Принимаем заказы
на строительство
в Киеве и Киевской области.

7 800 у.е. – Попробуйте найти дом дешевле!

Мы уверены, что на сегодняшний день дешевле, чем у нас построить дом (пусть и не более 40 кв.м.), но настоящий дом с фундаментом, тепло- и звукоизоляционными стенами, утепленной крышей, перекрытиями, кровлей, и звукоизоляционными внутренними перегородками просто невозможно.

Повторим еще раз - всего два месяца и менее 8 тысяч у.е. - и вы владелец настоящего, качественного, теплого и долговечного дома!

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